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Mr. Mauro Toso who passed by an important leg muscle surgery on the beginning of the year realised an extraordinary time frame at the 2016 NY Marathon : 5:26:52 - only 2 minutes more than last year performance! (With only 4 months of preparation after surgery) We are very proud for not only the performance but also the personal strength and success of this delicate operation. Mauro decided to run also for charity and collected funds for the Hospital where he had the surgery - Milano / Italy 

"J’ai terminé le marathon dans 5 :26 :52 ; 2 minutes en plus par rapport à l’année passée (mais avec seulement 4 mois d’entrainement et un muscle qui « travaille à moitié ») ! Je suis très content et pour moi a été un rêve pas seulement être au départ mais aussi terminer le marathon. I have also decided to run for charity , for people less lucky than me and so I informed all my friends, colleagues and relatives that they could make an offer to the hospital where I had the surgery (one of the most important in the research) for sponsoring a project in the e dept. The reason of the payment was MTNY2016 and we collect around 5.000€!"

- Mauro

  • Dec 08, 2016