New Hope

G-Flex supports the “New Hope Institution” in Mozambique, that provides basic school and nourishment for more than 200 children.
Founded in 2011, the project is placed in Nacavala Ville, region of Nampula, north of Mozambique. Nowadays, they serve more than 240 children, providing them elementary school, school tutoring, meals and educational activities, financed through donations. Furthermore, New Hope started, in 2019, a new program, called Casa Nutri. This program intends to combat child malnutrition, one of the biggest problems of the region, by providing prevention, treatment and support to children between 0 and 2 years and pregnant mothers framed within this situation. G-Flex Europe, with its Brazilian distributor, GFE do Brasil, are the main sponsors of this project of New Hope and provide this assistance for 50 children.