Ronald Mcdonald

Partner of Ronald McDonald House in Campinas, Sao Paulo, by the Brazilian Distributor, participating of Project’s main events and providing festive days for children and families fighting against cancer.
Years of individual struggle have caused a group of mothers to come together to help each other in the fight against childhood cancer. Thus, was born, in 1992, the APACC – Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Cancer and Hemopathies, which welcomes children undergoing treatment and their companions from all parts of Brazil and Latin America. In 2005, the institution moved to its new headquarter, where it continues today, and has undergone several renovations to receive and serve 112 people nowadays. Their values ​​are solidified by solidarity, friendship, love, commitment, equality in relationships, humanization and hope. The support house offers free accommodation, meals and social assistance during the treatment of patients at the Centro Infantil Boldrini Hospital, Unicamp and others in the city of Campinas. On average, the House offers 19,000 accommodations, 48,000 meals and 2,000 transports to the hospital per year and still has a body of more than 100 active volunteers. To make guests feel at home and still maintain an active routine, Casa Ronald Campinas provides daily activities such as handicrafts, recreation, computers, and various celebrations, for patients and companions, in addition to promoting charity events in favor of cause. With our business partner in brazil – GFE do Brasil LTDA, we bring our support in time, dedication and financial support to this extraordinary project.