Enteral Feeding Device

Complete kit Pull Method practical to use and coming with all necessary accessories and low-profile gastrostomy feeding tube.

Manufactured by G-Flex America Latina Ind. de Produtos Manufaturados LTDA.
Especially meeting the regulatory requirements of ANVISA and FDA.
Enteral Feeding Device


Reference / Réf. / Ref. Diam. (mm/Fr) / Diam. / Diám.
GP-024 24Fr
GP-020 20Fr
GP-016 16Fr
Instructions for Use Percutaneous Feeding Kit Instrucciones de uso Kit de alimentación Percutáneo   TEENY ® BUTTON REPLACEMENT FEEDING TUBE  
Reference / Réf. / Ref. Diam. (mm/Fr) / Diam. / Diám. Effective Length / Longitud Efectiva Balloon Volume / Volumen del Balón
GPB-244520 24Fr 45mm 20ml
GPB-244020 24Fr 40mm 20ml
GPB-243520 24Fr 35mm 20ml
GPB-243020 24Fr 30mm 20ml
GPB-242520 24Fr 25mm 20ml
GPB-242020 24Fr 20mm 20ml
GPB-204520 20Fr 45mm 20ml
GPB-204020 20Fr 40mm 20ml
GPB-203520 20Fr 35mm 20ml
GPB-203020 20Fr 30mm 20ml
GPB-202520 20Fr 25mm 20ml
GPB-202020 20Fr 20mm 20ml
GPB-184515 18Fr 45mm 15ml
GPB-184015 18Fr 40mm 15ml
GPB-183515 18Fr 35mm 15ml
GPB-183015 18Fr 30mm 15ml
GPB-182515 18Fr 25mm 15ml
GPB-182015 18Fr 20mm 15ml
GPB-164515 16Fr 45mm 15ml
GPB-164015 16Fr 40mm 15ml
GPB-163515 16Fr 35mm 15ml
GPB-163015 16Fr 30mm 15ml
GPB-162515 16Fr 25mm 15ml
GPB-162015 16Fr 20mm 15ml
GPB-161515 16Fr 15mm 5ml
GPB-144510 14Fr 45mm 10ml
GPB-144010 14Fr 40mm 10ml
GPB-143510 14Fr 35mm 10ml
GPB-143010 14Fr 30mm 10ml
GPB-142510 14Fr 25mm 10ml
GPB-142010 14Fr 20mm 10ml
GPB-141510 14Fr 15mm 5ml
GPB-1001 Botton Extender - Straight Model 300mm
GPB-1002 Botton Extender - Angled Model 300mm
Instructions for Use Button Replacement Feeding Tube Instrucciones de uso Sonda de Alimentación Enteral - Bóton   Replacement Feeding Tube
Reference / Réf. / Ref. Diam. (mm/Fr) / Diam. / Diám.
GP-0524ZFB 24Fr
GP-0520ZFB 20Fr
GP-0518ZFB 18Fr
GP-0516ZFB 16Fr
GP-0314ZFB 14Fr
GP-0212ZFB 12Fr
  Instructions for Use Replacement Feeding Tube Instrucciones de Uso de Sonda de Alimentación Enteral     Download the Percutaneous Feeding Kit Catalogue